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The History of Ledbury - coming soon.

Ledbury in Domesday Book:

In lordship 2 ploughs; 10 villagers and 1 boor with 11 ploughs.
A mill at 32d; meadow, 7 acres; woodland 1/2 league long and 1/2 wide: it pays nothing.
Of this manor a priest holds 2 1/2 hides; 2 men at arms 1 hide; a rider 3 virgates.
They have 10 ploughs in lordship; 7 smallholders with other men who have 8 ploughs.
Part of a salthouse in Droitwich.
Value before 1066 £10; later and now £8.
Value of what the priest holds 50s.
Of this manor Earl Harold wrongfully held 1 hide, HAZLE, and Godric from him.
King William restored it to Bishop Walter.
In lordship 3 ploughs; 4 villagers with 3 ploughs.
A mill at 2s; meadow, 7 acres.
Value before 1066, later and now, 25s.


Celia Fiennes (1662-1741) on the view over Ledbury from the Malvern Hills:

"A country of Gardens and Orchards, the whole country being very full of fruit trees etc it looks like nothing else, the apples and pear trees etc are so thick even in their cornfields and hedgerows."

Ledbury In the Snow
Church Lane, Ledbury
Silurian Morris, Ledbury
Ledbury in the snow
Church Lane, Ledbury

Morris Men, Ledbury







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