Ledbury Weather - live weather updates from Ledbury, Herefordshire Click to see the weather station
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The Weather Station

The equipment used to generate the weather information is a Watson W-8681 Wireless Weather station.
This has a wireless connection to an externally mounted sensor array. This is marketed under several different badges such as the Fine Offset WH1080 and the Elecsa AstroTouch 6975, but the underlying electronics and sensor appears to be the same in all cases. For its price this seems to offer many features usually associated with much pricier set-ups. However, in some places, you do get what you pay for - this is inevitable - a £90.00 station is not going to have the quality, or quality control of a set up such as a Davis Vantage Pro2 which sell for around £800.00.

Watson W8681 Sensors

The Watson W8681 Sensor Suite mounted on a pole. comprising a thermometer, hygrometer (to measure humidity), rainfall gauge and an anemometer (to measure wind-speed). The structure which appears to be a set of layered discs is a radiation shield to keep direct sun from the temperature sensors. (I am unsure of the effectiveness of this shield in its current form and I am considering a second screen in front of this structure.)

The Watson W8681 Base Unit

The display is not as clear as it could be due to the cheap touch-screen membrane over the top however, this is not a problem for me as I almost always view the data via the PC software.

Watson W-8681 Base Station

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